Construction Services

New building construction and site expansion benefits from retaining existing trees construction-site for their environmental and ornamental values. Unfortunately, without prior planning and safeguarding techniques, it’s easy for construction activities to harm trees from heavy equipment driving near them, or activities covering or disturbing the soil around them. Signs of harm may take years to become evident, with weakening of a tree’s condition from root damage threatening its long-term health. Damage from poorly-planned trenching or excavation around supporting roots may compromise the tree’s stability.


Through Matthew’s Tree Service Inc. “Lot of Help” program, new construction projects can be accomplished with peace of mind, knowing that all possible precautions have been taken to protect mature trees and that new plantings will be those that will best utilize the available resources. Our goal is to provide the landowner with the information needed to make sound decisions to best ensure the long-term health of both mature and new trees. As all sites and landowner objectives are different, we cater our services to meet these needs. We are proud to offer the following services through our “Lot of Help” program.


Evaluating and protecting mature trees

In construction planning, we walk the property with the landowner and contractors to determine what trees will best meet the desired objectives in a safe manner and with tree health in mind. After identifying trees that will remain, all necessary precautions will be taken to minimize root disturbance and other forms of construction damage.


If needed, we can perform root scanning using the ground penetrating radar technology of our Tree Radar Unit to identify vital tree roots, thus minimizing disturbance during construction. The TRU can also do noninvasive trunk scanning to assess internal composition of candidate trees, thus ensuring the trees left behind are the healthiest and most structurally sound.


Through our affiliations with professional foresters, timber and firewood sales can often be organized to help offset lot clearing costs as well as ensure full utilization of natural resources.


site-surveySelecting and establishing new plantings

Understanding the site plan and landowner’s intentions, Matthew’s Tree Service Inc. can provide assistance in establishing new trees during the project. We will perform a site analysis, then gear a species selection to best match the planting site.


We have professional relationships with many commercial nurseries. This allows us to be able to locate some of the more difficult species that may be the best for the planting site. We never settle for what the local nursery has to offer, if it is not exactly what we are looking to plant.


Involvement before, during and post-project

We can work with you to mitigate normal tree stress or even damage resulting from construction. Talk to us about implementing a post construction management regime, focusing on soil moisture and efficient utilization of available resources.


Our forestry knowledge and systems approach as a certified arborist means we will offer you invaluable help in the retention and addition of site plantings, augmenting the building and utility professionals already at work on your construction project.