Habitat Services

Fruit tree release

At Matthew’s Tree Service Inc. we are firm believers in holistic approaches to landscape and wildlife habitat management. This is why we are also proud to offer tree health services outside the urban realm. Healthy trees certainly impact more than the people who enjoy them. The interaction between wildlife and trees are yet another system we consider.


fruit-treesRemoving competing vegetation around fruit trees (Fruit tree release) is a fantastic way to take a proactive role in habitat management. Apple trees are an excellent food source for many animals. Removing competing vegetation from around apple trees frees up additional resources, including sunlight, water, and nutrients, and allows the tree to utilize the site more efficiently. This is translated into a healthier tree with more energy to devote to fruit production. Pruning out the dead and diseased branches will reduce disease pressure which leaves the tree less accommodating to many insect invaders.


The above examples are two ways by which landowners can directly affect wildlife habitat through tree health. An increase and consistency in fruit production can make a hard winter a little easier for wildlife in your area. Pruning and releasing apple trees will likely increase the odds that wildlife will be seen more consistently on your property during the fall and winter due to the abundant food source provided by these trees.


Fruit tree release and maintenance should be used as an integral part of any Quality Deer habitat-fruitManagement (QDM) and habitat management program. It will also enhance your property for wild turkey, grouse, woodcock and other non-game wildlife.


Most wildlife biologists would agree that the key to attracting wildlife to your property is habitat, and releasing fruit trees is an important part of the equation. By contacting the state conservation agency, landowners may often find information on tax incentives or even compensation for this habitat work.